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Rachael had a lot of patience with me and insight to guide me in the right direction for my vision. She was always open to listening to my thought process and concerns with episodes whether that be an interview, and/or technical difficulties I faced. She became more of a partner and was just as invested in getting the project right as I was. I truly could have not completed an entire season without her support. Rachael really was and continues to be a lifesaver for me giving that extra push for encouragement every time!

Curtis Burke
Host of The Uncovered Legacy Podcast

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Rachael is an amazing podcast manager. Thorough, organised, professional and knowledgeable. She always looks for the most effective ways of doing things and above all, she’s just a joy to work with. I couldn’t have started my podcast without Rachael’s excellent handholding. Love her work!

Alberta Stevens
Host of The Homegrown Sonshine Podcast